RIAT+ brief description

RIAT+ is a DSS (Decision Support System) developed during the OPERA project that helps policy makers and technicians solving a multi-purpose optimization problem to select the most effective air pollution abatement strategies minimizing the intervention measures deployment cost and maximizing result in terms of air quality improvement. In this sense, the RIAT+ tool supports regional/local authorities in the definition, application and evaluation of air quality plans policies, devoted to the reduction of population and ecosystems exposure to air pollutant (under the D. lgs 155/10 and transposition of the Directive 2008/50/CE).
To run RIAT+ it is necessary to provide three regional/local databases (emissions, emission reduction measures -technical and non-technical - and source/receptor functions); the RIAT+ output are: the level of application of the best policies and the respective costs, the emission reduction scenario and the improved air quality scenario.

RIAT+ core system

RIAT+ is free and can be download here.
For more details on RIAT+ please visit its official website.