OPERA, 15 April 2015

OPERA among the 22 best LIFE projects of 2014

Opera project has been selected as one of the 22 Best LIFE Environment projects out of the 102 that finished and were evaluated in 2014 and as one of the 7 Best LIFE Information projects out of the 15 finished and were evaluated in 2014. The Member States are further evaluating this year's Best projects, including OPERA, so as to select 5 "Best of the Best" LIFE Environment projects and 2 "Best of the Best" LIFE Information projects.
The Award ceremony will be held on Thursday the 4th of June in Brussels and it will take place in the context of Green Week (3-5 June).
Click here for more information.

Ispra (IT), 2-3 December 2014

RIAT+ training course

The RIAT+ training course, will take place on 2-3 December 2014 at JRC Ispra. To attend the RIAT + training course, filling in the registration form is mandatory.

Strasbourg (FR), 24 January 2014

RIAT+ was presented at the University of Strasbourg

The software RIAT+ was presented at the "hpc days formation" at the University of Strasbourg. The presentation is available here.

Brussels (BE), 2013 Nov 19

RIAT+ at the 1st Annual Conference of the Appraisal project, Brussels, November 19th - 20th, 2013

The RIAT+ software was presented at the 1st Annual Conference of Appraisal project at 15:20 pm on 19th November 2013. For more information click here.

Rimini (I), 2013 Nov 8

Ecomondo 2013

Opera was present at ECOMONDO on Friday 8 November 2013 15.00-17.00 Stand Emilia Romagna pad. B7. It was presented a workshop entitled:
"PAIR 2020 objectives and strategies of the Plan and the Integrated Regional Air Quality"
Published by Servizio Risanamento atmosferico, acustico, elettromagnetico

Bologna (I), 2013 Sep 16

Final Conference

The final Opera Meeting took place in Bologna from 16th of September. Click here for more information.

Brussels (B), 2013 Jun 4-7

Green Week

Opera project was at the Green Week. See here the presentation, the LIFE newsletter and watch the video overview of Green Week, including our project..

Strasbourg (F), 2012 Nov 15

2nd Annual Meeting

The second Opera Annual Meeting took place in Strasbourg.

Brescia (I), 2012 May 25
20th anniversary of LIFE program

The LIFE+ projects of University of Brescia (COSMOS and OPERA) are organizing an event to celebrate the 20th anniversary of LIFE program in Italy. The event is in collaboration with LIFE Projects H-REII and H-REII Demo coordinated by TURBODEN. The event is intended to exchange experience among the beneficiaries of LIFE projects in Italy and to discuss about future LIFE programme. The media and general public will be invited too. For further information please visit

Rimini (I), 2011 Nov 9-12

Opera project was at the international fair Ecomondo. See here a picture.

OPERA, 2011 Sep 15
Web-survey closed

The time to fill the web-survey is expired.

Bologna (I), 2011 Jun 20

1st Annual Meeting

The first Opera Annual Meeting was held in Bologna. Download here the meeting presentations.

Brussels (B), 2011 May 24-27

Green Week

Opera project was at the Green Week. See here the Agenda.

Parma (I), 2011 May 24-26

Opera project was at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES Italy. See here a picture.

Stockholm (S), 2011 Feb 23-25

Opera project was presented at the 39th UNECE-TFIAM meeting in Stockholm.
See here the Agenda, the Chair's report and all the Presentations.

Rome (I), 2011 Jan 18
Kick-off meeting LIFE+

The meeting was attended by representatives of LIFE Unit of the The European Commission Environment Directorate-General, representatives of the Ministry of Environment by the Italian project beneficiaries who were admitted to the Community contribution of the Call for proposals 2009. The event was organized to provide an overview of the rules of the Community Programme LIFE +, about the interactions with the European Commission and the role of the external monitoring. As part of the meeting was presented the project OPERA, see here for more details.

Brescia (I), 2010 Oct 5
Opera Kick-off meeting

The first Opera Technical Meeting (Kick-off meeting) was held in Brescia.