The project

The goal of OPERA project (brochure - poster) was the definition of a methodology and its implementation in a software tool, RIAT+, to support regional/local authorities in the definition, application and evaluation of air quality plans policies, devoted to the reduction of population exposure to PM10, PM2.5, NO2 and O3. Each action of the air quality plan (response) is evaluated both in terms of air quality concentrations (state) and in terms of costs (impacts).

RIAT+ goal is to maximize the environmental benefits at fixed costs, or minimize costs at fixed environmental benefits. GHG emission reduction and health impact in terms of external costs can also be assessed. Thanks to the experience in two specific regions, Alsace and Emilia-Romagna, RIAT+ has been designed and tested to answer regional requirements in air quality planning.

-OPERA project final report (pdf)
-OPERA project summary (html, pdf)
-OPERA project brochure (pdf)
-OPERA project poster (pdf)

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