A regional integrated assessment software to plan local cost-effective air quality policies harmonized with national and European actions.

The OPERA project finished in September 2013 but its main result RIAT+ is still alive and it is constantly improving.

RIAT+ is a Regional Integrated Assessment tool to support policy makers and technicians to select optimal emission reduction measures to improve air quality at minimum cost.
RIAT+ community is still active and you can easily join it: simply fill out the registration form; then you can download RIAT+ for free, and immediately start working on your air quality plan!

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For more details on RIAT+ please visit its official website.

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OPERA receives ‘Best LIFE Environment project’ award!!

Opera project has been selected as one of the 22 Best LIFE Environment projects out of the 102 that finished and were evaluated in 2014 and as one of the 7 Best LIFE Information projects out of the 15 finished and were evaluated in 2014. The Member States are further evaluating this year's Best projects, including OPERA, so as to select 5 "Best of the Best" LIFE Environment projects and 2 "Best of the Best" LIFE Information projects.
The Award ceremony was on Thursday the 4th of June in Brussels in the context of Green Week (3-5 June).
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